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Gamo Big Cat 1250 Review

Gamo Big Cat 1250 Review ( Air Rifle)

The Gamo Big Cat 1250 is one of my favourite Gamo air rifles. One of the main reasons is that the price is just right, at approximately 130 dollars. That’s a great value for an airgun and, to be fair, airguns for most users is just something that you play around with for a bit of fun, or something that you give to your kids in order to get them hooked on shooting. And at this price just about anyone can afford one.

The stock is made from a composite material. It is tough and durable and can handle any climate. It is ambidextrous and has a raised cheek piece on both right and left sides so all you south paws can also go plinking without problems. It has a checkered stock at the grip and in the front, so this air rifle won’t slip from you grip. The barrel is encased in a synthetic material so that makes it durable and almost maintenance free . The receiver is prepared for your standard .22 scope mount, so if you want to attach a scope, that is no problem. It has a protruding pin preventing that rifle scope from sliding backwards once mounted. The gun is pretty much a no-frills gun with the budget conscious air rifle buyer that only wants a cheap air rifle, so there are no unnecessary features here. On the other hand, most Gamo guns use the same mechanics, so when it comes to precision and power, this gun is just as good as a Gamo gun at twice the price.

This Gamo Big Cat air rifle bundle contains a basic 4×32 scope which naturally is not the greatest rifle scope in the world, but it does the job nicely.
The Gamo Big Cat 1250 is one of Gamo’s 1000 feet per second line of airguns. It does 1000 fps with lead pellets and closer to 1250 with PBA pellets. This gives it quite a punch. A thousands feet per second equals about 15 lbs of impact power at short ranges. It could actually be used for killing vermin as well as target shooting, at least if the precision is good enough, so let’s take a look at that next. And… the conclusion is that the precision is good. Even with a stock scope, I get 2 inch groups at 20 yards, which I gotta say is a very nice result for a very inexpensive air rifle.

The Big Cat 1250 reviews on the online marketplaces indicate that shooters are ver happy with this rifle. The spread of ratings indicate that 50 buyers of the Gamo Big Cat 1250 give either 4 to 5 stars out of 5 possible. And only about 6 customers rate this rifle between 1 to 3 stars. That is an overwhelming rating indicating that Gamo Big Cat 1250 is one hell of a good rifle at a very good price.

Crosman Benjamin 392 Review

Crosman Benjamin 392 Review

Now let’s start this air rifle review of the Crosman Benjamin 392 with the looks of the rifle.
It´s a pretty looking rifle. It does not have a raised cheek piece, but that is no big deal in my opinion. It has a very smooth looking recoil pad, nice thing is that it is made from rubber, and not plastic like on some other air rifles. Not that the recoil pad is needed, this air gun has virtually no recoil. I really really like the stock . The Crosman Benjamin 392 is built to last, and with some care it will last you for decades. This air gun usually costs about 160 dollars, which is a lot of bang for the buck. It´s a very well priced air rifle.
Now let’s talk about the trigger, it is quite a heavy trigger, with a pull weight of 5 pounds, and it is not adjustable. Now 5 pounds might sound like a lot to you, but I have actually learnt to like it more than hair triggers. Less risk of accidental discharge that way.

It´s a bolt action rifle which is very nice. Makes me think of old fashioned army and hunting rifles. You slide the breech open with the bolt and insert a 22 caliber pellet. Now if you prefer the .177 caliber, you should look for the Crosman Benjamin 397 instead. It is basically the same gun.
I use the Winchester 22 pellets with this rifle. They are super cheap and very accurate, and made to tight enough specifications not to put sludge in the barrel.

The iron sights are decent. I don’t use them that much though, since I’m a rifle scope kind of guy. You mount the scope on the B272 mounts that you can also get here at Amazon

It´s a pump rifle. 8 pumps makes this air gun reach a velocity of 640 fps, which equals 14 lbs of impact energy. Those 8 pumps can be quite tough, at the final 2 pumps you need to put a fair amount of effort into it. If you are an adult, this should not be a problem. If you are a kid… you can use the pumping effort to build your muscles, so no big deal really. The 14 lbs of power and the heavy 22 calibre, means that this air rifle is powerful enough to put down vermin. Squirrels, rabbits, birds, whatever. They all meet a swift demise with a gun of this power. Just remember to mount a scope so you hit the target in the right spot. You don´t want an air rifle that you need to pump when you encounter your target in the wild, so the cool thing is that it is a gun that can be carried around with stored pressure. So when you locate your pray, you just slide open the bolt and load the pellet. Flick off the safety and you are ready to shoot.

It´s a fairly loud gun. My gun pops with about 100 decibel. No big deal for me.
As for precision, for an inexpensive air rifle it is excellent. I shoot 2 inch groups at 20 yards.
A hint. When you store the gun, keep it pumped up with one pump. It keeps the seals and gaskets in order and will keep you shooting with undiminished accuracy for a very very long time indeed.

My conclusion of this Crosman Benjamin review is a very nice air rifle. It is accurate, powerful and versatile. If 5 pounds of trigger pull is good with you ,and if you can deal with the pumping aspect, this is a very good inexpensive air rifle that feels more expensive than what it really is.

Ruger Air Magnum Combo Review

Ruger Air Magnum Combo Review

The Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle is this season’s hit air rifle. It is basically a copy of the well known RWS 350, but instead of assembling it in Europe, this one is assembled in China. This reflects in the price, which is a nice $200 lower, depending on your choice of caliber. The calibers available are the .177 and the .22

Ruger is known to provide quality, and this rifle is no exception. Encompassing all of the high quality specifications of the rifle is the goal of this review. Let’s take a look at some of the standout features of the Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle and see why consumers are eager to get their hands on this rifle.

Aside from targets, small and medium-sized game are the main targets for this rifle. One shot is able to cleanly kill this size game. Thanks to the rifle’s 1400 fps with alloy pellets or 1200 with its lead counterparts, this rifle packs a punch. With 42lbs of cocking effort, this might be a tricky barrel to break for kids starting out, but what the hell, the little ones need exercise.

This is a very LOUD gun. It sounds about the same as a 22 rimfire. I kid you not.

The 4×32 scope and rings is a nice addition that will allow users to target in on their prey with relative ease. While many users will change out the scope, others find that it is more than adequate for their needs. The Ambi Monte Carlo, all-weather stock is perfect for all kinds of weather weather and is fairly easy to maintain. Aesthetically speaking, the Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle is a pleasant gun that provides a sleek look.
The 3.5 lbs. trigger-pull allows shots to be made without affecting a shooter’s aim in the process. A 2-stage adjustable trigger further enhances the shooting experience and provides the utmost in quick, precise shooting that is tailored to the preferences of the shooter.

Shooters have been boasting about practical shooting ranges of up to 50 yards, but this has not been tested by me personally. Carrying the Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle is a breeze, thanks to the synthetic stock, with the rifle being a mere 9.5lbs

RWS 54 Air King Review

RWS 54 Air King Review

I do a lot of shooting, I have handguns, I have hunting rifles, and I have airguns, but the gun I shoot the most is the RWS 54 Air King.
Now this is a German made air rifle. It is marketed as the RWS 54, Diana RWS 54 and the Umarex RWS 54. It is not an inexpensive rifle. It is actually quite costly, but excellent quality is always going to cost. And if you want the best, then get the RWS 54 Air King. Let’s take a look at what makes it the best air rifle on the market.

The RWS 54 Air King is available in .177, .22 and .25 calibers, so get the one that fits you the best. They all have excellent FPS and impact power, but of course the .177 is a bit faster. That is the one I got. You choose the one which fits your requirements.
This is not a traditional break barrel. The cocking motion is made by a side lever, that you pull back, which opens the breech, giving you access to insert a pellet.

What makes this rifle unequaled in precision is that it is a recoil free air rifle. When I say “free” from recoil I mean that the only recoil you will ever feel is when the pellet has already left the barrel, so it will not affect the precision one iota. This is handled by a floating rail system, that pushes the receiver part of the rifle forward inside the stock. This is what handles the recoil. If you look at the barrel from the side when shooting, you will notice that the barrel is pushed back about an inch or so when firing a shot, but this is all handled by the floating rail, so the recoil is not transferred to the stock. The stock only pushes back about a millimeter. This is very useful, and translates into amazing air rifle precision. When I review air rifles I usually shoot 2 inch groups on 20 yards. With the RWS 54 Air King and a good scope I get dime sized groups on 20 yards and 1 inch groups at 50 yards! This is one hell of a difference. You can hit the head of a rat at huge distances. When it comes to vermin control… well, you can figure out the advantage of such precision.
With the .177 version, or 4.5 mm version of this air rifle I gain speeds of about 900 FPS with a deviation of less than 15 FPS.

As expected, the online reviews of the RWS 54 Air King, no matter if it is the Umarex RWS 54, The Diana RWS 54 or just the RWS 54 Air King that is being reviewed, score very high indeed. I have not found a single bad review anywhere online. Take a look for yourself. You can start with clicking the following link to see the ratings, or buy the rifle at what is possibly the best price, at Amazon.

Hatsan 125 Sniper 22 Cal Review

Hatsan 125 Sniper .22 Cal Review

This is a review of the Hatsan 125 sniper 22 calibre air rifle. This is one hell of an airgun. Cool looks, powerful, accurate and of an excellent build quality. It has a silencer, which brings this 1000 FPS 22 calibre air rifle to an acceptable sound level.

First off, the sights. Just as with the previously reviewed Hatsan 95 air rifle, it has TruGlo ™ iron sights. And just like with the other Hatsan rifle, It comes bundled with a 3-9x32mm scope that can be mounted on a dovetail or a weaver rail. This dual mount capability is a nice feature. I don’t use this scope too much because I like iron sights, but it looks like it is a decent scope.

The Hatsan 125 Sniper 22 cal is a break barrel air rifle, and since it is a very powerful rifle, it takes a lot of pull to cock it. All of 50 pounds of pull is needed to break it, which means that it might be a bit too much for younger kids. When you have loaded it the safety comes on automatically. Now when I was a kid, air rifles did not come with automatic safety like this, and it is a wonder that we did not have any accidental discharges. So get yourself an air rifle with a proper safety like this. It is just so much safer and encourages proper gun handling.

The looks of the rifle is very impressive. It looks like a sniper rifle or a professional competition air rifle. The sniper bipod attaches to the synthetic stock. The stock is textured for excellent grip. The adjustable cheek rest is a very cool feature. The rubber recoil pad is fully adjustable and works great. It’s also a very long rifle at 48 inches. Just look at the pictures and see for yourself. This is a very cool looking airgun.
It has sling mounts to attach a rifle sling to it. This is very useful because with a scope this rifle weighs about 10 pounds. This helps reduce recoil and it also makes it feel even more like a real gun. After some practice I got consistent 1.5 inch groups at 20 yards. This is a very good result.

Hatsan rate all their air rifles with lead pellets, and the fact that the speed is still around 1000 FPS with those lead .22 pellets means that this gun packs one hell of a punch. About 25-30 pounds of impact strength at most ranges.

Hatsan is a Turkish brand. Shooting and guns is a huge thing in Turkey and they do make some excellent quality air rifles, shotguns and handguns. It is also a place for inexpensive manufacture. This means that you get a lot of bang for the buck with the Hatsan 125 sniper air rifle. To conclude this airgun review: The quality is similar to European air rifles but at a lower cost. The combination of quality, looks and power makes it a very good air rifle for pest control and just plain pellet gun fun.