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Hatsan Galatian Review

Hatsan Galatian Review

Now if you have been reading this site for a while, you know that I do enjoy Hatsan air rifles. They are a range of air rifles, spring cocked or PCP, from Turkey, that go way beyond backyard plinking use.

This time we will be looking closer at the Hatsan Galatian range, available in the calibers .177, .22 and .25.

Now Hatsan makes a lot of shotguns for the domestic and international markets, and these rifles look almost identical to those. I guess you might want to keep that in mind if you are doing backyard shooting in view of the neighbours.

The rifles available in this range is the Hatsan Carbine, or as the sales department calls it.
This is a slightly shorter number with a synthetic stock and a built in silencer. Its bigger brothers are the Hatsan Galatian with a synthetic stock and the Hatsan Galatian with a walnut stock .

The stocks are, as always with Hatsan, exquisite. The synthetic stocks do not feel like plastic, it is more of a heavy rubberized material. The walnut stock is beautiful.

The rifles are packed in a nice sturdy hard cases, with loads of accessories and tools. There is the usual Hatsan sling and an extra mag.
There are Picatinny rails on the front, sides and on the bottom, as well as an 11mm dovetail, so you can basically attach any possible accessory.
The open sights are detachable tru-glo open sights. Very nice.
The trigger is outstanding. Crisp and smooth. The safety is right next to the trigger.
The rifles has a very nice double load stop, that prevents you from putting a pellet on top of another pellet. This could save you from some grief. A very nice feature.

Inserting pellets can be done with one hand. Very well thought out.

As for accuracy, with a decent scope I get amazingly tight groups. Benched at 25 meters I basically place all pellets in a half inch circle. Basically I just punch one big hole in the target. Very impressive.
As for exit speeds and power, the Hatsan Galatian QE Carbine loses some speed and power due to the silencer, we are at approximately 520 FPS and 8.8 foot pounds here.

The bigger brothers are about 65 FPS faster at 585 FPS and impacts at 11.15 foot pounds.

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Benjamin Bulldog Review (.357 Air Rifle)

Benjamin Bulldog Review (.357 Air Rifle)

Today we are gonna talk about the Benjamin Bulldog. This is a .357 caliber side lever bullpup PCP air rifle for hunting that is the talk of the town at the moment.

Here are some specs:
Lenght: 36 inches
Weight 7.7 LBS
28 inch rifled barrel with SoundTrapTM silencer integrated into the stock.
Ambidextrous stock and reversible side lever
Picatinny rails
Built in pressure gauge
Quick connect nipple fitting
5 round capacity magazine
2 stage trigger
Manual safety

Now what would be the purpose of a beast such as this. Well, that would have to be hunting. With an impact energy of 151 foot pounds this equals many heavier 22LR rounds, so this is versatile and can be used for many types of real game.

Best Scope For Benjamin Bulldog

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We tried this one out with Air Venturi .357 Cal, 127 Grains, Round Nose slugs that gave us a hard hitting 151 foot pounds at 732 FPS. With that kind of impact energy, it is obvious that this is not an air rifle for plinking. This could kill larger mammals so it is understood that it is not be handled by people that are not educated in the handling of weapons. Any shooting performed with this beast must be performed with the same care as with a regular firearm.

The ample selection of Picatinny rails mean that you can attach just about any firearm accessory you would like. Cameras, any mono-pod, bi-pod, scopes, laser sights.

Being a bullpup of the easily manageable weight of 7.7 lb and a meagre 36″ in length, this unit is very convenient to carry in the field, even in heavy brush.

The rifle does not come with a scope. I mounted an AEON 3-12×50 AO with trajectory reticle. A Chinese made scope that has good hunting characteristics at a good price.

I used an Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Air Tank & Fill Station to charge the PCP rifle. We shoot with an insanely high 2900 PSI pressure. There is no way of overcharging the rifle. There is a bleeder valve that protects us from that. You could still use a hand pump if you don’t want to go via an Air Tank, but expect to get some exercise in the process.

There is no way to do personal adjustments on the trigger. The trigger is preset at a 2 pound first stage and a 3 pound third stage. The necessity to fix the pressure thus is probably due to the bullpup design. The linkage goes from the trigger finger to the pressure release close to your shoulder.

Ideal for use in non-shooting friendly states. Despite the immense power contained in it, it is technically an air-rifle after all.
As for noise, it is LOUD. Despite sound suppression tech this is not a quiet airgun. You are gonna need to know what is behind your target at all times. We tested the sound level at 110 decibel.

I have to say when I first saw the Bulldog I was not sure what I was gonna make of it. Having shot a few hundred rounds through it I have to say this is a real shooter. Easy to use easy to load, easy to cock, powerful.

It is sturdy, a big chunk of metal and synthetic, no dings. Got accuracy up to 75 yards, even though it goes way longer. Lots of slugs to choose from. Ballistic tips. Flatnose etc.

I think this has a lot going for it. Crosman / Benjamin hit it out of the park: Can’t think of anything that I don’t like about it. It would have been nice to have weaver rails on both sides. It does have one on the bottom for a bipod. Very useful for hunting in prone position.

If your intention is to move into big bore air rifle hunting, the Benjamin Bulldog fits the bill very well indeed.

Air Ordnance SMG Full Auto Air Rifle Review

​Air Ordnance SMG Full Auto Air Rifle Review

Now and then something comes around that one just has to try out, no matter if it fits ones usual preferences or not.

There is this sweet little fun-gun from Air Ordnance called the SMG 22 Full Auto Belt Fed Pellet Gun. The name is pretty self explanatory. It’s a belt fed gun that works like a Small Machine Gun and it discharges up to 12 rounds per second! A device such as that sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Let’s check out if that is true.

It does look a lot like a Tippman paintball gun, which is not a bad thing.

The rifle is loaded with a 100 round belt that is fed into a drum. You can even buy more belts and carry them over your shoulders like Rambo. The included 20 oz. CO2 tank powers the gun, but it is versatile enough to be powered by a regular paintball-style compressed air tank, like the Ninja 48/3k Aluminum HPA Paintball Tank BLACK that you can get from Amazon.

This gun has a trigger grip with some sweet rubber sides for a nice stable hold. There is a front Picatinny rail for attachments such as bipods, scopes, cameras, gun lasers, whatever you want really. At the rear end of the Picatinny rail, a contoured synthetic front grip is mounted.

I much prefer the compressed air bottle cause, unlike CO2, it won’t freeze the gun when firing a lot.

Much like other famous semi-auto and full-auto airguns on the market, such as the Crosman Comrade, Umarex Steel Storm and Baikal Drozd, this is a gun designed to be the best in backyard plinking. And of course it is fun as hell. Set up cans and mow them down. Paint smiley faces in targets. Rip through heavy tin cans, pumpkins or any other kind of household object you wish to destroy forever. It can all can be done with this little beast. If you are wanting to have your friends drop over and never leave, or put permanent smiles on the faces of your kids, then get one of these. Just remember to stock up on CO2 canisters or compressed air tanks, as well as plenty of pellets, cause the Air Ordnance Full Auto Belt Fed gun will go through these like ice-cream in the Sahara.

All in all, this is a VERY interesting full auto air rifle in SMG format. It loads with an ammo belt and that makes it unique. As far as backdoor plinking go, as well as the impress-your-pals effect, this full-auto beast is hard to top. So if you fancy spending the money on what is essentially one of the coolest toys you will ever own, then you should do so.

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