Gamo Zombie 177 review

This is a fairly high powered .177 rifle. It’s the Zombie edition. It also comes with a Gamo 4×32 scope put on. It’s got a great little package that looks very cool. I believe it is the same as the Gamo Big Cat but it just has another look. I have unboxed the gun, I have taken it on a little test drive with a bit of shooting and a bit of examination, and it hits hard and on target. It’s a break barrel air rifle, it has a nice and tight trigger, and decent mechanics. If you hit a rabbit with this one, the rabbit will die and you’ll be able to cook it and eat it, unless you are a vegetarian of course. Basically a good all round rifle.

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It has a composite stock, which is one of the things that make it differ from the Gamo Big Cat. It has an adjustable recoil pad that can be adjusted in three levels of hardness. I don’t use that feature because I don’t fear a little recoil, but your preference might differ. It has a raised cheek piece on the stock that works for both left and right handed shooters, so it’s an equal opportunity rifle. Which is nice. It takes 30 lbs of pressure to break the barrel, which is not as much as some heavy air rifles out there. 30 lbs should be breakable by kids. And it it is too heavy, well, then they can develop their arm muscles while cocking the rifle.

The rifle feels really good when you handle it. It is not too light, so the recoil does not make it bounce around. And it is not too heavy, so you can carry it around. The composite stock makes it lighter than the Gamo Big Cat airgun.

You can use it for backyard shooting, and rodent shooting, and even hunt for food, if you know what you are doing. The .177 bullet travels at 1200 FPS, so it hits very hardy, with a pretty loud pop when firing. I have been using the Gamo Red Flyer Ballistic tip pellets, and they can pierce anything you expect.

So yeah, as I said, it’s a combo rifle that comes with a scope and a box of pellets. It is not a mil dot scope, it is a reticle scope. I prefer those so I am good with that. Your preference might differ. The pellets that are included are Gamo’s own, and they are polymer tipped. It is all a neat little package at a good price that will get you up and shooting in no time, good for toying around for you, or for the kids of the family, under adult supervision of course.

So to conclude this Gamo Zombie .177 review. This is a nice little allround air rifle. It is a little bit more expensive than the Gamo Big Cat, but the synthetic stock is worth it. You can get either rifle combo over at Amazon by following this link.

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