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Umarex Steel Force Review

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Umarex Steel Force Review ( Air Rifle)

This is a co2 rifle from the well known German company Umarex. Now apart from the Walther Lever Action that is also from Umarex that we have reviewed elsewhere on this site, we don’t usually
review plinker real-gun lookalikes here on Air Rifle Reviews. The reason for that is that we focus on the more practical side of airguns, and we define practical as A. precision B. power and C. useability, either as target shooters or vermin killers. But variety is the spice of life they say, so we decided to review the Umarex Steel Force. This is a fun-gun, a co2 rifle that looks a lot like an M4 carbine. It really looks a lot like a real
assault rifle, so it’s not the kind of thing you want to play around with in public areas. You could suffer death-by-cop, and wouldn’t that be a really bad ending to a nice day of shooting. The Umarex Steel Force is Not really useable for much else than to play around with, buy you can sure have a lot of fun with this little baby.

This rifle is mainly plastic with a few steel parts. It is not a cheap kind of plastic though. It actually is a really solid build, which translates into a weight of impressive 4.5 pounds. I think that Umarex decision to assemble these rifles in Japan instead of China contributes to this feel of quality. In my opinion, a German/Japanese product will always be a better product than a German/Chinese one. The rifle is powered by two co2 cartridges that are inserted into what would be the magazine on a regular m4 carbine. These two cartridges will last you about 200 bullets, so you can really go through cartridges like hot cakes during a day of shooting. There is an airsoft version available of the Umarex Steel Force as well, but this one shoots proper heavy .177 or 4.5 mm steel bb’s. These are heavy enough that they together with the 430 fps speed of the rifle, pack quite a punch. The rifle has a 300 round reservoir for the bb’s.

The Umarex Steel Force bristles with Picatinny rails, so you could attach scopes, nightsights, laser pointers, anything you want basically. Try an underslung grenade launcher if you live in a place where those are allowed. Jokes aside, the customization ability due to these rails are almost endless.

The stock is telescopic, as it should be, which is a nice touch. It is not detachable though, which is no big deal in my opinion.

Umarex Steel Force has a selector that is switchable between safety, single fire and semi auto six round burst. I do love semi-auto and auto fire on air rifles. They did not make them like that when I was a kid.

As we already mentioned, heavy bb’s and 430fps brings a decent punch, but of course this is not for hunting. The precision is decent, with bullets landing within a 2inch radius at 30 feet. So this is not the kind of rifle you want to shoot vermin with, unless it is cornered and at very close range. I see the “use” for the Umarex Steel Force as a leisure rifle only. use it yourself, and use it with your kids. Could be a way of teaching kids of a young age proper gun safety, and they would probably regard it as an ideal birthday or christmas present. A a fun-gun it is a massive hit. The sales figures indicate this, cause it is indeed selling well. The upsides are obvious. It looks real, it is built properly by air rifle world leaders Umarex. And… the price is very decent indeed. It only costs about $100 at Amazon, so it really is a lot of fun for the money.

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Albert Smith

A hunting addicted person who love to explore the word and do hunting life long. I am sharing my knowledge about rifle hunting on this blog. I have 17 years experience on air rifle hunting and I really enjoy this job .

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