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Zeiss Carl Optical Conquest HD5 Reticle Rifle Scope Review

Zeiss Carl Optical Conquest HD5 3-15x42 20 Plex Reticle Rifle Scope is an optical scope used for rifles all around the world. Being one of the leading companies in weapons and scopes manufacturing around the world, Zeiss Carl has made one of the finest mid-ranged scopes here. Zeiss carl optical conquest HD5 3-15x42 20 plex reticle scope is basically a photosensitive sighting device that is based on a refracting scope. It consists of different image patterns mounted in an ophthalmic system to give a precise targeting point to the user of the rifle.

It is considered to be the most flexible rifle scope in the HD5 line, this Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15X42 Riflescope has outstanding range capabilities, and has a design that fits best for long-range and medium-range shooting distances. This Zeiss Riflescope is the ideal solution for the best hunters that love the aiming of elk, deer, and others, especially in mountainous regions. Also, this Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15X42 RAPID-Z 800 Reticle Rifle Scope, a 3x monitor, is very effective in cases of high-speed hunting. This Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15X42 Compact Riflescope features a parallax, Z-Plex Reticle having Lockable bartizan.

​Some Important Product Features:

It is one of the most robust German-made optical scopes and is completely suitable for long-range and specifically mid-ranged shooting and hunting. It is sleek in design and comes in matte black color, which makes it discrete and compact at the same time. In situations for the hunters where the opponent is a fast-paced animal, this scope magnifies the target up to 3 times, and the result is achieved with higher efficiency and accuracy. This scope also contains side parallax fine-tuning, which is a big advantage for hunting situations. Other important features are:

•         Versatile rifle scope with 5x Super-zoom

•         Powerful 5X high-resolution zoom in on various variables

•         Designed and built in Germany, it is made of the finest materials and craftsmanship

•         It has Limited Lifetime Warranty by the company

•         The highest-profile is compact

•         Precision Mechanics with 1/4 MOA -100% correction to click click and shoot to shoot

•         Smooth, eye-catching new design and  shape

•         HD lens arrangement and T coverings which improving image quality

•         Bright and high-resolution images with high precision quality

 •         It weighs about 18.4 oz. and 13.8 inches' long

​The Pros:

With a compact, light bodyweight, and powerful 5x zoom, the Conquest HD5 is the most versatile feature you've ever taken in the wild. It's very low profile, makes it ideal for any hunting and uses case, ranging from a wide area of heavy brushes to a wide expanse of open field and alpine mountains. For long-distance hunters, the new unlocked turret-mounted helps to clear the outlet of the rifle from the extended. As far as image quality, the Carl Zeiss lenses and the holes are not specified due to their brightness, contrast, and precision.

It contains an HD lens system that makes the target look in high image quality as if the target is in front of you. This technology is one of the most innovative in the market, and the leading manufacturers of scopes. It comes with a five-year No-Fault policy and a limited lifetime warranty, which makes you satisfied with the money you have paid since the item is worth it. German technology coupled with high level of precision and durability makes this scope one of its kind. In addition, the manufacturing technology makes the scope waterproof and durable for all kinds of wild scenarios.

​The Cons:

On the contrary, being lightweight can sometimes create a negative impact on the shooting itself because the people who are used to carrying heavy scopes will find it difficult to get accustomed to this optical scope. Ample experience is needed to get used to the weight and balance of the rifle with the scope on. In terms of vision and clarity of the scope, it isn't as good as some other Zeiss Carl scopes; therefore not much feasible for long ranged shooting since it only has three times the zoom.

More so, the product is heavy for customer's pocket as it may cost around $630-$699. It has a focus that cannot be readjusted; that is, the device's focus is already preset.

​Buyers Guide:

Zeiss's optical conquest HD5 series, especially the 3-15x42 20 plex reticle scope, is the best solution for the people who plan their career in hunting or even have little interest in hunting alongside mountains by providing long-range shooting versatility. This rating shows the adjustment of the case parallax, Z-Plex reticle hunting turret, or Lock-enabled turret. The low profile rating set to 3X Super zoom level works well with the desired zoom level, also providing the user the ease of comfort for handling, giving high performance, durability, repeatability. This Zeiss optical conquest is the right choice for focused shooters and hunters who surely appreciate the optical quality and performance of the device.


Zeiss's optical conquest HD5 series, especially the 3-15x42 20 plex reticle scope due its versatility and ease of comfort and other specification features, is gaining more popularity day by day among those who actually have good taste in case of hunting and are really focused in the shooting. It is the best of the quality you will ever get to fulfil your shooting desire. It is readily available online on Amazon as well as Zeiss Carl stores in the city. In terms of mid-range shooting, I think no one beats this scope. Being sold at a hefty price of about 1200 bucks, I think it is worth the money. It is equally important to look at the buyer's manual before attaching it to the rifle since it will teach the buyer how to assemble as well as its precision mechanics and MOA adjustments.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a mid-ranged shooting scope that can fulfill your needs of compactness and agility, then this scope is best for you.   It is a brainchild of a unique company and is specially designed for the purpose of a clearer vision during hunting; this scope is one of the best if not the best for mid-ranged rifle shooters. Plus, there is a free bonus for the buyers as the scope comes out with a lens cover as well!


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