Air Rifle Hunting

​What is air rifle?

 Virtually every one of us is naturally involved in knowing the current world situation and the things involved in arms from conventional to unconventional. When the word “Air” is accompanied with “Rifle,” it makes less prone our attention in danger and tempts it toward amusement.

Basically, Air rifle is a gun which throws pellets to a certain distance with minor trajectory. The pellets desired to be thrown are powered by compressed air rather than powder or chemical. Air rifle has long been possessed by inhabitants of the world either for their physical protection or fulfillment of their hunting desires. 

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There are three types of Air rifles.  These are:

Spring piston, pneumatic and bottle compressed gas Rifles. CO2 is commonly used in bottle compressed gas Rifles.

​Air Rifles: Uses & Types

Air rifles have been used and are currently in use for hunting animals. Hunting of Animals started as early as the Stone Age and it is usually carried in the Forest. The Hunters would not be motivated to invade the forests if Air Rifles were not available.  Many categories of air rifles have been built and used depending upon their requirements.

Air rifles were used in the ancient times for one of the three purposes i.e. sports, hunting and warfare. Since then, a plethora of Air Rifles have emerged beginning from .177, etc. These rifles are usually available in .177, .22 and .25 calibers, which are the more traditional calibers for Air guns. We shall take a look at some of the types of Air rifles. Some of them are ideal for Soft shooting. Some are simple to use and great for beginners of any age.

air rifle hunting

air rifle hunting

1. The German Made Break Barrel made to hand down from Generation to Generation

This Air Rifle is well-balanced. It is classic. It has a straight wooden stock made of hardwood, which makes it easy for it to be held. Its ambidextrous design provides extra comfort as you zero in on your target. Made by German craftsmen, the Model 34 has a two-stage adjustable trigger, an adjustable rear sight, fiber optic hooded front sight, and a rifled barrel. At just 33 lbs. to break open and charge the rifle in one stroke, there's no need to worry about cocking difficulty. Both the .177 and .22 calibers are ideal for plinking, paper and spinning air gun targets. Small game and pests are at its mercy. If you have passion for hunting, the .22 cal. is a great choice for small game animals and garden-invading pests. If you expect value and quality in one air gun, the RWS 34 is the rifle to get.

2. Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle

This is a great option for those seeking a quiet air rifle in .22 caliber. Newer air rifle shooters will like the Mach 1’s ease of use and simplicity. The Rifle is operated is just few simple steps.

# Pull down the barrel

# Break it open

# Mount a pellet

# Close the barrel, and you’re ready to go.

The price of this rifle ranges from $200 to $250. It operates with a gas-powered piston. Compressed gas is used to power the gun instead of compressed spring. There are several Pros.  The Rifle is lightweight. It is not noisy but produces regular vibrations. Pellets can be suspended in the Rifle and cocked for a long time before they are released. Regarding the 3×9 scope included with the gun, many users complain it isn’t up to snuff. This shouldn’t be shocking since this is a beginner’s Air rifle. What matters is for the scope to be replaced with an advanced scope.

3. Crosman Benjamin Trail XL and NP XL Air Rifle

Crosman Benjamin Trail XL and NP XL Air Rifle is easy to shoot. It is embedded with gas-powered features and pistons. This includes low noise and vibration, low recoil, and the ability to leave the rifle cocked for longer periods. It is available in .117, .22 and .25 calibers, and is accurate to about 100 yards. A baffled barrel has enormous added advantage and helps to quiet the shots while the wood stock adds a more traditional look to the rifle. It also comes with a 3×9 scope that is adequate. Some users desire to replace it with a more capable after-market model. The option to pick up this rifle in .25 is very nice, though this caliber is somewhat more divisive. This is because the larger pellet size takes more pressure to reach usable velocities. Users can take slightly larger varmint species ethically with these calibers, provided they’re well trained and know how to place their shots appropriately.

4. Benjamin Bulldog Shrouded .357 Bullpup

This is another PCP air rifle with some innovative features and customizability from Crosman. The rifle is formatted in the bullpup layout, meaning that the barrel runs almost the entire length of the gun. As with real bullpup firearms, such as the IWI Tavor or Kel-Tech RDB, the Benjamin Bulldog Shrouded .357 Bullpup assists in keeping the rifle compact while retaining the velocity necessary to push the .357 slug out with impressive energy. The unique feature of this gun is its integrated 5-round rotary clip and it’s fully shrouded barrel. This Air Riffle is quiet. It is relatively light and will probably go through a few slugs and air fills before the users will be willing to quit shooting. It’s well suited for quiet hunting and is suitable for medium-sized game, though there may be better options for deer​ hunting.

​How to hunting with Air Rifle

1. Pick a rifle that fits you: Length and weight are important. You should be able to comfortably hold it steadily at ninety degrees to your body (parallel to the floor) without having to rest it on anything.

2. Choose the best air rifle scope: Scope can helps you to shoot correct on target. Find the best scope for your rifle and mount it properly. Check scope performance before go to hunting. If you choose digital scope, make sure to carry power bank / charger, and make sure about battery charged fully before go to hunting. If you are planning to go to hunting at night, must take night vision rifle scope for best experience.

3. Tuck the stock into your right shoulder, where it feels comfortable. This applies even if you are left-handed; most rifles are shaped for right-handed users. If you are left-handed and find this uncomfortable, you can buy left-handed rifles.

4. Note the distance from your shoulder to the grip. Your other hand should be about the same distance forward, under the body of the rifle. Don't touch the barrel.

5. Use BRA Method: You should apply the Breathe, Rest, & Aim method. Take a deep breath, let it out halfway and hold it, rest a second and then slowly squeeze the trigger. To avoid trigger flinch you should squeeze so slowly but steadily such that the firing surprises you. If you are not surprised then you knew it was coming, you squeezed too hard and possibly reflexively flinched and threw it off accuracy

6. Note where the shot landed. No sight will be perfect, so adjust. If it landed too high, aim a little lower. If it hit over to the right, aim left. Keep practicing until you hit the target.

Air rifle hunting is not so easy if you cannot handle with properly. These six steps help you to understand about how to handle a hunting air rifle. A new hunter should be trained before start hunting with rifle.

Air rifle hunting is one of most popular hunting method for hunters. Air gun use widely because of its low price and easy to use feature. Modern air rifle also have many features that make it more convenient for shooter and hunter. Air rifle is widely use for deer hunting, birds hunting, duck hunting, turkey hunting, fox hunting,  and rabbits hunting. Farmers and estate owners also use air rifle to save their garden and crops from being damage. Air rifle also being used for hunting rat, magpie, predator, dove, wild boar, squirrel, dragon clawe, bat, rodent, pheasant , chipmunks and some more.

For different method and purpose of hunting, hunters need different type of air rifle with high end scopes. All rifle as well as scopes are not suitable for all types of hunting. You can consider our best air rifle scopes and best night vision scope to know more about scopes in Market.

A low noise air rifle is must when hunting for birds and ducks. Rifle scope should be clear and high range with good magnification is plus point.