How To Clean Air Rifle Scope

How ​To ​​Clean ​Rifle ​Scope

​Every rifle user expects to hit the target at every shot. A clear view of the target is very vital in achieving this. It is never possible to have a clear view of your target if the lens of your scope is dirty and stained with patches. Have you ever set up your riffle and while getting ready to shoot, you discover some dark patches on your lens? This scenario can be very hurtful. The dark patches will stop you from seeing through the lens and you would not see the target clearly. You have to suspend shooting and spend some time to clean and wipe the dirt off your scope lens. There is no doubt that the scope is a very important part of the rifle.

It should be cleaned properly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t fret. The dirt and dust will not damage your scope lens. It is careless washing and poor handling that will damage it. Cleaning the scope is very simple and straightforward. This post will highlight the steps to take in order to clean your scope properly. It will highlight the dos and the don’ts of cleaning your rifle scope.

​Things to avoid when cleaning your rifle scope

  • ​You should not use your clothes or any part of your clothing to clean the lenses. Clothes are not meant for rifle scope cleaning. Using cloths to clean will cause scratching of the scope lenses.
  • ​You should not attempt to use any cleaning liquid that is not recommended by the manufacturers. They can spoil the lens. The lens will become fainty and very difficult to see through.
  • ​Don’t apply much pressure while cleaning to avoid cracking or breaking the lens.
  • ​It is very dangerous to apply cleaners directly on the lens scope. It can cause instant cracking or blurring of the lens. In addition to this, it is very dangerous to apply rifle cleaning solvents on the scope lens.

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​Things that are needed for rifle scope cleaning

​Soft brush for lens cleaning:

You will need a brush when attempting to wipe off dirt and dusts from the lens. It is advisable to use a soft lens to avoid scratching the lens. Ensure that you wipe away dirt and oil from the Wittles of the brush. Be gentle, so that the screen will not be scratched by the solid particles.

​Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The microfiber cleaning cloth is specially made for this task. It is uniquely designed to be soft and absorbent. With the microfiber cleaning cloth, you don’t need to hover your clothes across the screen. Simply place it on the dirt spot and the dirt will be absorbed immediately.

​Dry Lens Cleaning Sponge Or Anti-Fog Lens Cleaning Agent

Consistent use of the regular cleaner can cause damage to the lens. There are many highly treated sponge that you can use. The sponges are permeated with the anti-fog agent to quickly wipe away the thick and foggy blockage from the lens.

​General Brush Or Rag

You still need the regular brush or rag because it is useful for cleaning the frame of the scope. It is not advisable to use the same soft brushes for cleaning both the lens and the frame to avoid incurring dirt and oil residues.

Steps in cleaning the rifle scope

Step one: Brushing

Begin your scope cleaning by brushing down. By brushing down, you will wipe away the solid and thick dirt from the lens. This includes sand, pollen, dust and other foggy items that might cluster on the scope lens. It is best done using the soft brush. You have to be very gentle and be careful not to scratch the screen while wiping off the dirt.

Step two : Wipe Out

​The next step is to wipe the lens with the Microfiber cloth. The Microfiber cloth is well treated to easily remove stains and spots from the scope lens. Water spots, grease, and oil smudges can all be removed by using the Microfiber cloth. Ensure that you wipe and move the Microfiber cloth in a circular pattern. This way, the probability of scratching the scope lens will be reduced.

How to clean rifle scope

How to clean rifle scope

Step three : Apply anti fog cleaner

It will not make any sense if your scope lens is not crystal clear after cleaning. Avoid leaving a foggy lens. Don’t try leaving it that way because your lens scope will degrade over time and you will never get the crystal view again. Some stains may be very stubborn and refuse to go away. Simply apply some drops of anti-fog cleaners to the spot and then wipe off with special cleaning tissues.

Step four : Body Cleaning

Now that your scope lens is crystal clear, it is time to focus on the scope frame. Go ahead and use another clean brush or cloth to wipe the body of the scope. Check the bolts and adjustment points and ensure that you brush and wipe it down. Avoid using dirty clothes or brush for wiping. Ensure that your wipping clothe is devoid of dirt, oil residue, and dust. Don’t leave any dirt build-up or stains. Spend time to check the turrets and ensure that all movable parts are in good condition after the cleaning.

Step five: Clean Battery Compartment (for digital scope)

This step is dependent on the type of rifle. Some scopes may have a battery compartment while others will not have. In case your scope has it, you should ensure that you check for corrosion or rust in the Battery Compartment. You should clean it out if your battery compartment is rusty. You can also use a pencil eraser for the cleanup.

​Check this video for clear understanding:


The scope lens is very delicate and should be cleaned with care. Apt attention should be given to it by cleaning it regularly. Regular cleaning does not only extend the life span of the scope, but it keeps it crystal clear thus improving your accuracy in shooting. The procedure is quite simple. Shed off the fear and laziness. Get to work by applying the tips and guidelines highlighted above. It’s quite imperative to include these cleaning steps in your routine. Over time, you will get used to it and your air rifle will become more productive. I’m hopeful that these tips will be helpful to you. T​If you are not confident enough, take help from professionals.

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