Hunters and gamers are very passionate about their hunting riffles and scope. They attach so much significance to it and ensure that the rifles are stored safely. One of the ways of protecting the rifle is by putting it in a protective case. It is quite dangerous to expose the riffles to the full glare of people and harsh weather. Hitherto, it is very pertinent to choose the right rifle case that will protect your firearm and make it portable. There are important features that you have to consider before choosing your rifle case.

Rifle owners are users perplexed on the most important features to consider. While some of them would consider a rifle case that is soft and lightweight, others may choose to go for a rifle with scope case that is heavy and secure. There are lots and lots of features to consider such as design, extra space, water & weather resistant, weight, color, size, etc. It goes beyond focusing on just one feature. You have to choose a riffle and scope case that combines and tailor a few important features together. Peruse below for the right features to focus on.  This post provides tips and guides on how to choose the best rifle case for your firearm.

Select the right weight case: 

It is very imperative to choose a rifle case that is not heavy. Lightweight rifle cases are soft. It is easier to carry soft rifle cases from place to place but the lowdown is that it does not provide enough protection for the rifle. I'm talking about cushioning. Generally, soft and lightweight rifle cases do not provide enough protection for the firearm. Before choosing your rifle casing, you should put the portability and protective aspects into consideration. Be on the lookout for a rifle case that will offer massive padding for protection against bumps & dings while en route the forest. With this, you will end up choosing a casing that will shield your rifle from harsh weather and dust while providing immense portability.

Your riffle will not be ferried all along by your car. It's normal for you to hang or carry your rifle case on your shoulders. The straps play a major role in this case. There is a need for the straps to be strong in order to withstand the impending tension from the riffle. Your firearm might fall off and break if the straps cut, tear or break; hence; the straps should be made from tough materials. It is advisable to choose straps that are made from reinforced nylon. More so, the straps should be slidable and adjustable for easy carriage during long distances.

Case for air rifle and scope

Case for air rifle and scope

​Case must be waterproof

It is always necessary to prepare for a rainy day. No one can control the weather. You would not predict when and where the rains would attack you; hence; your rifle case must be made from a material that can resist water invasion. Imagine hunting in the woods and all of a sudden a heavy rain begins to fall. You may not find suitable shelter and you will be soaked alongside your riffle. It is not advisable to keep exposing your riffle to rain and moisty conditions because it would easily be damaged by rust and dirt. You can overcome this impending problem by choosing a tough and waterproof material for the casing.

Consider some vital extras

No one would love to go around with an ugly casing or a casing that does not have enough storage space for extra items. You have to consider a case with some extra features that add a lot more to your gaming or hunting. It is not all about carrying your firearm. Sequel to this, it is not bad if your casing is branded with side pouches, side straps, and well crafted beautiful webbings. You should also consider some added features that will boost the security of your rifle. Backpacks, internal tie-downs, and additional compartments are great additions that will boost your rifle casing.

Rifle security is of great essence

It is required by law that rifles must be locked in the casing when traveling. This law is very potent in the united states. You can go for a soft casing, but it is very imperative for you to consider a good locking feature. The locking system should be simple and well designed for your rifle to be secured and well protected from prying eyes.

The size should be ideal

The interior space of the casing is a very important compartment. Your rifle should fit into your casing and the interior should not be too tight or too spacious. Leaving too much space would cause the rifle to shift randomly when you are traveling. Before choosing your casing, you have to first all measure your riffle to ascertain the length and the breadth. This will give you an idea about the ideal dimension of your casing. Always pay more attention to the interior section of your rifle case before thinking of the exterior.

Chose the right type of Fabrics/materials:

There are many texture and thicknesses of fabrics. Some fabrics can withstand tear and shear while others can withstand moisture invasion. Before choosing your rifle case, you should consider where and how you will use your rifle. Do you work in remote places where you hang your rifle case and walk long distances? Are you often exposed to rain? Some of these questions should form the basis for your decision on the right type of material to use.

Rifle cases can be metallic, wooden or plastic. You should choose the one that suits your needs because they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, Plastic rifle cases are light while metallic cases can withstand rugged conditions.

High-denier nylon and rip-stop fabrics are recommended for rifle cases that undergo heavy usage. Nylons are waterproof. They are generally very efficient in stopping water invasion while rip-stop fabrics can withstand shear and tear.

Wrapping up:

I know that you wouldn't love your rifle to spoil or malfunction. A wrong rifle case can cause massive damage to your riffle; hence; you should put the aforementioned tips into consideration.

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