Best Digital Rifle Scope For Hunting

Bestseller No. 1
Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Digital Riflescope
298 Reviews
Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Digital Riflescope
  • Day/Night mode – full color viewing for day use; black and white or classic green for night vision mode
  • High-definition sensor – high resolution imaging with video recording in 1080p HD
  • 8x digital zoom – a 2x optical system for up to 16x magnification
  • HD photo or video recording (memory card not included).
Bestseller No. 2
ATN Corporation X-Sight 4K PRO with Ultra HD Optics 3-14x Day/Night Vision
1,672 Reviews
ATN Corporation X-Sight 4K PRO with Ultra HD Optics 3-14x Day/Night Vision
  • Ultra HD Sensor - Ultra HD 4K Sensor with our Obsidian 4 Dual Core Processor brings you cutting edge technology with higher resolution, faster optics, and millions of vivid colors
  • Ballistic Calculator - Hunt responsibly by making sure your shot hits the target Each and Every time. Range, Wind, Multiple-Weapon Profile, Angle to target, Temperature, Humidity, Plus more. Helps you determine exact ballistics for expert long-range shots
  • Dual Stream Video Recording - You asked and we listened X-Sight 4K PRO not only Streams Video to your mobile device at HD resolution and can simultaneously Record to the SD card inside
  • Night Vision Mode - The X-Sight 4K PRO offers an Enhanced HD Night Vision Mode. Don't let the darkness slow you down
  • Ultra Low Power Profile - No more worries about your batteries dying in the field. At 18+ hours of Continuous operation the X-Sight 4K will last as long as you do.Operating Temperature:-20°F to +120°F / -28°C to 48°C
Bestseller No. 3
Megaorei 【2020 Upgrade】 Digital Night Vision Scope Video Camera for Riflescopes Hunting IR Optics Sight 720P Video/Photo with 4.3 inch HD Display and Infrared Laser Flashlight 32GB Micro SD Card
  • Night Vision+Video/Photo Recording: New upgrade digital night vision scope supports HD Video/Photo recording, offers sharp Hi-resolution night vision in complete black darkness.
  • Super Infrared Night Vision: The night vision system comes with a laser infrared flashlight, which can enhance your night observation range to 656+ feet, even reach 1300 feet.
  • IR CAMERA and HD Display: 3MP adjustable infrared camera provides sharp and clear image both in day and night. multifunctional 4.3 inch HD display with 32GB Micro SD to record any moment on the target.
  • Excellent Shock Resistance: We have strengthened the shock resistance for the night vision device, safely survive and remain functional with the recoil and shock.
  • IMPORTANT Tips You Need Know: When you shut down the device, please long press the POWER button on display (ON/OFF button) first, the system will save the picture and movie automatically, then you can shift the switch on the battery compartment to OFF side to shut down the power supply. WARNING: If shut down the power supply without press the POWER button on display first, the video and pictures document will be DAMAGED!

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​Digital rifle scope is blessing of modern technology that helps hunters to make their task more enjoyable, perfect and error free. Digital rifle scope enable to do live streaming with wifi, photograph and videography of your live hunting without any additional setup.  Also it helps accurate shooting at night (night vision), and any weather condition.

Have you tried shooting and each time you try, you miss the target by the whiskers? No one is 100% perfect but a little bit of accuracy will help a lot in hunting. It is quite frustrating to shoot without hitting the target. We should thanks to modern technology, the minor mistakes that lead to inaccurate shooting can be corrected. Users can now shoot like pro and hit their targets at will by using a digital scope.

Quick and high accuracy shooting is possible with the digitized scope. Users can shoot right in the bull's eyes. There is no doubt that the advent of digital scopes has made hunting simple and fast.

Things to expect in digital rifle scope

It is okay to say that shooting with digital scope is fun. Everything about it is digitized. The digital rifle scope comes with many wonderful features that simplifies the art of hunting. Now lets take a look at some of the features.

Day time and Night time hunting

The days of using lantern, headlamps, or torch light to hunt is long gone. Thanks to digital scopes, users can now enjoy night hunting. They can now hunt round the clock and take hunting to a whole new level. The optical orientation of the scope lens is well designed to suit any different level of illumination. The digital scope is not affected by presence or absence of light. Don't worry about the distance because you can actually view distance objects clearly as though they are close to you. Switching from daytime mode to nightime mode is very simple. Switching to nighttime mode requires pressing a single button. The daytime viewing comes with full colour separation and clarity. More so, the nighttime viewing is very clear and Well-colored.

Accurate and precise shooting

The accuracy of digital rifle scopes are excellent. You don't need to be a pro shooter for you to have a great shooting precision. Digital rifle scopes would definitely twist the rules and offer you the unexpected perfection in shooting. Your elevation does not matter. With the digital rifle scope, you will surely hit the target without failure. It offers perfect shooting solutions and range-finding abilities.

The range finder

In shooting, the target is at your mercy whenever you have the right range. Most digital scopes have the rangefinder which can easily be adjusted on the device interface menu. Everything about the digital rifle scope is automated for result-oriented shooting. The range finder is very efficient in this case.

The reticles

Digital scopes have the reticle which ensures that targets are not missed. The reticle is adjusted until the right range is deduced. With this, you will hardly miss your target. The rangefinder instigates the scope to automatically adjust the reticle to compensate for range.

Digital rifle scopes are embedded with multiple reticles for better accuracy and precise shooting. The number of reticles is not fixed. It is dependent on the manufacturing company and the rifle design.

Full coloration and clear view

Digital rifle scope offers crystal-clear views with no color variation. Digital scopes can offer up to 10 colors but some high quality brands can offer even more. With the high definition coloration, you will have a clear view of your target and you would be able to spot small preys that may be hidden in-between leaves and tree barks. More so, the presence of a very sensitive illumination will embolden the great shades of color modes for daytime and nighttime shooting. Other color shades that are available include black and white shades, greenish shades, etc. The colors can be detected from far distances.

Video camera and picture feature

Ever considered the fun therein in saving and sharing your air rifle videos and photos with friends? Ever wished that you could capture your best shots for future reference? This is possible. With the Recoil activated feature (RAV), you can take shots of your perfect shootings. This feature captures both still and moving images before and after  pulling of the trigger.

When using a digital rifle scope, you wouldn't just aim and shoot but you can actually take still and moving pictures while shooting. Simply record your shooting session, download and watch them later.

GPS & WiFi feature

Imagine going for hunting in the Bush and you realise that you've missed your way, and  with no idea of finding your way to your destination.A digital scope can safe you from this confusion because it is embedded with GPS features that would direct your navigation.

 The WiFi assistance can record, stream, snap your actions while you pull the trigger. It harnesses the WiFi technology to send arrays of still and moving images to your mobile phone or iPad

Simple user interface

The display screen of the scope is full HD. It is filled with digitized information that would offer solutions to your shooting challenges. The menu offers an Arsenal of tools that you can access with just a single button. The menus are easy to understand. The user interface has a very simple menu which can be navigated and manipulated with ease. You can view it clearly and follow it slowly to ensure that you are pressing the right buttons. The menu is simplified for easy understanding by amateur shooters

Simplicity and Versatility

Manufacturers have collectively revolved the airgun industry with versatile rifle scopes for day and night shooting. The resolution of the sensors is very high and suitable for various kinds of hunting. What do you wish to hunt? Monkeys? Squirrels? Predators? The digital scope is simply made for all kinds of shooting. The rifle scope can be customized in accordance with the preferences and interest of the user. Another notable thing about the digital scopes is that they can be removed from one rifle to another.

Weaver rail:

Users can add extra accessories to boost the performance of their Air gun. Hunting is a great practice, the digital scope can spice your hunting by attaching entertainment accessories such as audio players, Bluetooth devices, and mp3.

Memory cards and USB functionality

Digital scopes are basically powered by battery but can also be powered via the USB port. In addition to this, the USB port allows the use of flash drives or memory cards for easy file transfer. Videos and images can easily be exported to other digital devices.

Micro Memory card slots are present in the digital scope and they allow the recording of videos, audios and images and for updating the firmware. Both still and moving images can be saved in the SD card.

Removable Eye-cup

Light can easily disperse at night, but the presence of the removable eye cup will stop dispersion in the dark and during the day. Simply attach the cup at night and detach it during daytime shooting for clear and high quality shooting.