October 28

Beeman RS1 Dual-Caliber Air Rifle Combo Review

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Now there’s no longer any need to ask yourself if you are going to buy the .177 or the .22. A dual caliber Beeman RS1 is the answer to that. It has exchangeable barrels, and yet the price is the same as an equivalent single caliber rifle. It’s a total win-win product.

As you’d expect, since we are talking about a Beeman, this rifle is a break-barrel. It is delivered in a very nice carry case that looks good enough to carry around. Velcro snaps keeps the parts in place. Stock, scope and barrels, all firmly kept in place. It really is a very nice and well thought out carry case. You will not be disappointed.

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The rifle I tested has a very nice hard wood stock. There is also a version with a synthetic stock available. It is your choice really. Both are good stocks. Both have rubber shoulder pads. Both have an accentuated pistol style grip.

The scope is a 3-9×32 Beeman scope. It is a decent enough scope for most purposes, but if you want to go geeky about scope quality, you might want to replace it with a brand scope. Unlike many other air rifles on the market, this one uses an old-fashioned air rifle scope mount, so no Weawer or Picatinny here.

If you don’t want to shoot with scope, a pair or “iron sights” are included, though calling them that might be pushing it. The rear one is all plastic. The front is a metal and iron mix. The front is day-glo fluorescent green, the rear one fluorescent red. For being plastic, they look sturdy enough.

The trigger is a nice two step trigger. In front of the trigger there’s a safety, also located inside the trigger guard.

As for the switchable calibers, as I previously mentioned, you get two barrels with this rifle, one a .177 and the other a .22. The barrels are removed or attached by turning a small screw underneath the barrel with an Allen key. Markings on receiver and barrels line up with each other, so you won’t risk assembling it wrong. The process really is fool proof, and you can switch barrels in as little as 15 seconds. I recommend adding a drop of Loctite or similar product to keep the screw firmly attached though. One final, but very basic note, regarding the barrel exchange. You need to sight in the scope again when you have changed barrels, but I guess you had already figured that out.

As for precision, it is very good. I am seeing 1 inch or better groups at 25 yards, and I actually saw better groups with the .22.

To finish off this air rifle review, my recommendation is to buy it. It is a very nice build. Made in the USA. Good stock, good blueing, good sights, all good. The precision is excellent, the impact energy as well. And with the dual caliber opportunity, it is like buy one rifle, and get one free. And it is very decently priced. Costing less than $150 at Amazon. You simply can not go wrong with the Beeman RS1 air rifle

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