Best Air Rifle Scope Under 500

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Best Air Rifle Scope Under 500

Hunters are always looking for the scope within their budget and 500 Dollar is definitely a good budget for a great rifle scope. Even you can buy a basic night vision scope within 500 dollar budget.

For shooters it is important to have a waterproof, fog proof and shockproof scope to hunt on all weather condition. Our team researched a lot to find such useful scope for you that can help you on all weather condition.  We have also considered the basic rifle scope features like: magnification power, build quality and shooting range to find the best optics .Here is our list below 500 dollar budget rifle scope:

Best Air Rifle Scope Under 500 Dollar List

01) Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32×50 Digital Riflescope (Day-Night Scope)

Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope is a great day-night rifle scope and most suitable scope for short range shooting.  This Aluminum build rifle scope has good magnification upto 16X.  And also support photography and video streaming. It has 10 reticle options and 9 color choices to fit your needs. 4.5-hours of battery life with 4 AA batteries and an external Micro USB port expands options for power. 

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Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Digital Night Vision Riflescope, Multicolor
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Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Digital Night Vision Riflescope, Multicolor
  • Day/Night Mode: The Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Night Vision Riflescope offers versatility with its day & night modes. Enjoy full-color clarity for daytime use, and simply switch to night mode with options for classic emerald or black and white viewing.
  • High-Definition Sensor: Experience high-resolution imaging with the advanced 1920x1080 HD sensor. This sensor provides exceptional image quality, and you can even record video in 1080p HD, allowing you to capture your nighttime adventures with clarity.
  • 8x Digital Zoom: With an 8x digital zoom, this night vision rifle scope offers impressive magnification, equivalent to a 2x optical system for up to 16x magnification. Whether you're scouting or targeting, this zoom capability enhances your vision.
  • HD Photo or Video Recording: Capture your memorable moments in the field with HD photo or video recording. Record your hunts or observations, and relive them later. (Memory card not included)
  • Extended Battery Life: The Wraith HD offers up to 4.5 hours of battery life using just 4, AA batteries. Additionally, it features an external MicroUSB port for expanded power options, ensuring you have sufficient battery life for your night vision needs.

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​The Wraith HD Digital Riflescope is a revolutionary riflescope that excels at both daytime and nighttime use. Equipped with an advanced 1920×1080 HD sensor, the daylight clarity of this scope provides vivid color in sunny conditions; simply hit the left arrow to switch into night mode for crystal clear black-and-white vision. The 850nm infrared Illuminator comes standard with viewing ranges up to 250 yards, perfect for spotting game or your animal target’s position late on a moonless night. What’s more other features include but are not limited to; Eye relief 4″.

02) HAWKE Airmax 30 Side Focus 4-16×50 AMX IR Rifle Scope

​The Hawke Airmax riflescopes are built with high-quality, lightweight aircraft aluminum for superior strength. The Airmax series has a fast focus eye bell and high torque zoom ring for smooth, easy magnification adjustment. The rifle scope also boasts waterproof, shockproof optics with nitrogen purging to ensure fogless performance and precision shots at every distance come rain or shine.

Airmax 30 SF Riflescope 4-16x50 SF, 30mm, AMX IR
  • HAWKE HAWKE AIRMAX 30 SF - Exposed locking turrets 4-16x50 SF 30mm, IR AMX

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03) Hawke Airmax Compact 6-24×50 IR SF Riflescope 

​The Hawke Airmax 30 Compact Rifle Scopes is a favorite with hunters and tactical shooters because of its professional capabilities on the field. The scope features 16 layer fully multi-coated optics for clear, crisp images during dawn to dusk. Target style 1/10 MRAD capped, resettable turrets etched reticle with red illumination. This durable yet affordable rifle scopes ensures accuracy from 10 yards/9 meters to infinity while side focus controls adjust magnification from 5x up to 30x without any parallax or yardage change

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04) NightShot Night Vision Rifle Scope  

​The NightOwl Optics NightShot night vision rifle scope is an outstanding low cost, high quality solution for your hunting and shooting needs. The Nightshot is IR included with a full color camo that won’t stick out during the day, it has soft padded eye cups for maximum comfort and image clarity. The shooting world yearned for a lightweight yet durable night vision rifle scope, ever since the heavy and bulky goggles of olden days slowly vanished into obsolescence! That’s where we come in with our NightShot night vision rifle scope that doesn’t require heavy mounts or big batteries

Night Owl Optics NightShot Night Vision Rifle Scope with IR850-NS Illuminator
  • Includes IR850-NS Accessory IR
  • Call for mounting advice: (800) 444-5994
  • Range: 100-200 yds. in typical nighttime environments
  • High resolution, 640X480 display
  • For use with rifles up to 30 caliber

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05) Burris Veracity Hunting Rifle Scope

​Burris Veracity 2-10x42mm is a premium hunting rifle scope designed for those who demand high quality optics, the right magnification range and support for their equipment. The Burris Veracity boasts of being made with only the best possible features that have been seen in more expensive scopes: High grade optical glass provides excellent brightness and clarity with lasting durability, ergonomic side focus allows easy access to Parallax from 50 yards to infinity. Reticle measurements remain correct and proportional to the target regardless of power setting, specs are immensely accurate at all ranges- even in low light settings.

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Burris Veracity Hunting Rifle Scope, Premium High Light-Transmitting Optics, 2X-10X-42mm, Ballistic E1 Reticle, MAD System MOA
  • VERSATILE MAGNIFICATION FOR VARIED HUNTS - Burris Veracity 2-10x42mm is the compact powerhouse of the Veracity family, offering a 5x magnification range suitable for both driven hunts in timber and longer-range pursuits
  • M.A.D. KNOB SYSTEM - Harness the power of M.A.D. Knob System, allowing custom etched knobs or quick switches to available exposed knobs. Out of the box, it ships with low capped knobs, and additional options provide tailored adjustments for your shooting
  • BALLISTIC PLEX E1 FFP RETICLE FOR PRECISION HUNTING - Designed for serious big game and varmint hunters, the Ballistic Plex E1 FFP reticle incorporates trajectory-compensating technology and cascading dots for wind drift compensation
  • FIRST FOCAL PLANE (FFP) DESIGN - The front focal plane reticle design ensures that the reticle size adjusts proportionally with magnification changes. This feature, known as FFP, maintains correct trajectory compensation at any power setting
  • ADVANCED OPTICAL FEATURES - With a 50 mm objective for optimal light collection, a versatile 5-times zoom system, and Hi-Lume multicoating for low-light performance, the Veracity 2-10x42mm hunting riflescope guarantees excellent brightness and clarity

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05) ​Athlon Optics Midas TAC Riflescope​ 

​The Athlon Optics Midas showcases the latest evolution in precision targeting. This rugged “Big Gun” features 0.1 MIL click value, 30 MIL total elevation adjustment and has a 10 yard to infinity parallax adjustment for enhanced accuracy and performance while hunting or shooting at longer distances. The first focal plane reticle stays valid at all power settings allowing up to utilize the specially designed Crosshair that shrinks or grows along with your target as you zoom in or out. This is coupled with HD glass that gives better light transmission, brighter, sharper images resulting in an optical package that is tough enough.

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Athlon Optics Midas TAC Riflescope 4-16x44 30mm APRS2 FFP MIL Reticle
  • 0.1 MIL Click Value, 30 MIL Total Elevation Adjustment, 10 Yard to Infinity Parallax Adjustment
  • First focal plane reticle stays valid at all power settings allowing you to fully utilize the specially designed reticle that shrinks or grows along with your target as you zoom in or out.
  • HD Glass gives you better light transmission, brighter, and sharper image.
  • Precision Zero Stop System The system allows you to lock down your zero position and dial back to it with a sharp and precise stop right at your zero mark.
  • Advanced Fully Multicoated optics effectively reduces reflected light and increases the transmission of light giving you a brighter image than normal single coated lenses

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These rifle scopes are the best available now in market under 500 dollar budget range. Specially the night vision rifle , NightShot is one of most popular night shooting rifle scope.  And the performance is excellent of all these scope . Although all riflescopes have some pros and cons of itself. Nothing is perfect in this world. But we tried our best to find and list the most usable and best in the range.

A hunting addicted person who love to explore the word and do hunting life long. I am sharing my knowledge about rifle hunting on this blog. I have 17 years experience on air rifle hunting and I really enjoy this job .

Albert Smith

A hunting addicted person who love to explore the word and do hunting life long. I am sharing my knowledge about rifle hunting on this blog. I have 17 years experience on air rifle hunting and I really enjoy this job .

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