October 28

Ruger Air Magnum Combo Review

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Ruger Air Magnum Combo Review

The Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle is this season’s hit air rifle. It is basically a copy of the well known RWS 350, but instead of assembling it in Europe, this one is assembled in China. This reflects in the price, which is a nice $200 lower, depending on your choice of caliber. The calibers available are the .177 and the .22

Ruger is known to provide quality, and this rifle is no exception. Encompassing all of the high quality specifications of the rifle is the goal of this review. Let’s take a look at some of the standout features of the Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle and see why consumers are eager to get their hands on this rifle.

Aside from targets, small and medium-sized game are the main targets for this rifle. One shot is able to cleanly kill this size game. Thanks to the rifle’s 1400 fps with alloy pellets or 1200 with its lead counterparts, this rifle packs a punch. With 42lbs of cocking effort, this might be a tricky barrel to break for kids starting out, but what the hell, the little ones need exercise.

This is a very LOUD gun. It sounds about the same as a 22 rimfire. I kid you not.

The 4×32 scope and rings is a nice addition that will allow users to target in on their prey with relative ease. While many users will change out the scope, others find that it is more than adequate for their needs. The Ambi Monte Carlo, all-weather stock is perfect for all kinds of weather weather and is fairly easy to maintain. Aesthetically speaking, the Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle is a pleasant gun that provides a sleek look.
The 3.5 lbs. trigger-pull allows shots to be made without affecting a shooter’s aim in the process. A 2-stage adjustable trigger further enhances the shooting experience and provides the utmost in quick, precise shooting that is tailored to the preferences of the shooter.

Shooters have been boasting about practical shooting ranges of up to 50 yards, but this has not been tested by me personally. Carrying the Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle is a breeze, thanks to the synthetic stock, with the rifle being a mere 9.5lbs

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Albert Smith

A hunting addicted person who love to explore the word and do hunting life long. I am sharing my knowledge about rifle hunting on this blog. I have 17 years experience on air rifle hunting and I really enjoy this job .

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