Best Air Rifle for Squirrel Hunting

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Best Air Rifle for Squirrel Hunting

It’s a well-known fact that squirrels can be pests for homeowners. They get into the attic, chew on wires, and even damage homes by chewing through the siding. Fortunately, there is an effective way to control these rodents: air rifle hunting! In this blog post, we’ll discuss what kind of air rifle you should use for squirrel hunting and why it’s so effective. We’ll also give tips on how to become a better squirrel hunter. And information on the best rifles for hunting squirrels.
The air rifle for hunting squirrels is one of the most effective ways to control these rodents. With an air rifle, you can take your time and shoot them from a distance where they’re not expecting it. The best rifles are those that allow you to vary the power by pumping more or less air into the gun before shooting. This gives you more control over the distance and power of your shots, depending on what you’re trying to do.

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Best Air Rifle for Squirrel Hunting

What Kind Of Air Rifle Should I Use?

There are many qualities that go into determining which air rifle would be right for squirrels hunting . The best air guns for beginners are those that don’t have a lot of power and shoot small projectiles. You’ll be able to practice with them before you move on to bigger guns, which will help you because they’re less powerful than the others.
You should also take note of how accurate it is- an air rifle that’s not very accurate might blow out your shoulder if it misses its target!

What is the best air rifle for squirrel hunting?

The best air rifle for squirrel hunting is one that’s accurate, has a lot of power and shoots projectiles with small caliber. You should also take note of the weight- if it’s too heavy to carry around all day you might not be able to hunt as long before getting tired. There are many types out there with different features so make sure you research before buying!
Considering the requirements we found that the best air rifle for squirrel hunting as below:

1 ) Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle .22 Cal

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle .22 Caliver: Quieter than shooting a pellet gun, this rifle has all the power you need. The air rifle uses compressed air to fire pellets downrange at speeds of 800 feet per second making it perfect for target practice or pest control in urban or suburban areas. This new rifle has an integrated noise dampener that makes reducing the noise significantly. It is lightweight and quite easy to handle allowing users to address any task with ease without making a sound. The Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle .22 Caliver is the ultimate in comfort and power. With an Inert Gas Cylinder instead of a standard spring, this rifle delivers more velocity and penetration with every trigger pull than your usual air rifle. The gun has a 3-9×40 air rifle scope that will help you lock on to any target from far or near.

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle, CAT air Rifle
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Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle, CAT air Rifle
  • caliber: 0.22
  • velocity: 1020.00 ft/sec
  • Warranty: One year limited warranty
  • CAT

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2) Crosman Freestyle CO2-Powered .177-Caliber Pellet Multi-Shot Semi-Auto Air Rifle

The Crosman Freestyle Co2-Powered .177 caliber pellet multi-shot semi-auto air rifle is ideal for plinking, shooting cans and rats. It features high velocity, accuracy and a 12 clip capacity—semi-automatic means you can shoot all day long with just one hand! An easy access CO2 cartridge housing makes loading new cartridges quick. You’ll be surprised how accurate the shot becomes with this trustworthy device that’s perfect for kids and adults alike. Plus, it comes in an array of sporty colors including green camo (select models) too—fun! Turn your backyard into a playground with the Crosman 1077 Freestyle .

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Crosman 1077FSG Freestyle Semi-Auto CO2-Powered .177-Caliber Pellet Air Rifle
  • SEMI-AUTOMATIC CO2-POWERED AIR RIFLE - With 12-shot rotary clip
  • EASY ACCESS CO2 CARTRIDGE HOUSING - For effortless CO2 cylinder changes
  • DURABLE ALL WEATHER DESIGN - Checked stock with sporty-color styling and dovetail receiver

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3) Gamo Varmint Air Rifle .177 Cal

The Gamo Varmint Air Rifle .177 Cal is the perfect rifle for hunting and pest control. It features a lightweight design that allows you to carry it anywhere, as well as an ambidextrous all-weather synthetic stock with a rubber recoil pad.
It has no noise dampening, but its long lasting spring piston will help deliver 1250 fps of muzzle velocity with Gamo PBA Platinum pellets. The long sight radius will increase accuracy while shooting at varying ranges up to 100 yards from your target.
In emergencies, this gun also doubles as a self-defense tool against intruders or wild animals in the yard. This multi-purpose airgun is made by world renown manufacturer Gamo Outdoor USA!

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Gamo Varmint Breakbarrel .177 Caliber Pellet Air Rifle
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Gamo Varmint Breakbarrel .177 Caliber Pellet Air Rifle
  • caliber: 0.177
  • velocity: 1250.00 ft/sec
  • Spring-piston
  • Includes 4x32 scope & mount
  • Steel barrel with fluted polymer jacket

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4) Umarex Ruger Air Magnum Break Barrel Pellet Gun Air Rifle

A truly fantastic product for small game hunting, target shooting or pest control, the Umarex Ruger Air Magnum Break Barrel Pellet Gun is a gas powered break barrel air rifle that shoots .22 caliber pellets at up to 1200 feet per second. Durable built-in all-weather synthetic stock with rubber recoil pad for comfort and thick rubber buttpad helps absorb some of the energy from recoiling. Adjustable fiber optic rear sight allows users to make adjustments without taking their eyes off sights; fixed fiber optic front sight makes it quick and easy to focus on your target. Includes 4x32mm air rifle scope with scope mounting rings and includes 4×32 mm air rifle scope that features a handy crosshair reticle pattern.

5) Umarex Ruger Targis Hunter Max Pellet Gun Air Rifle with Scope

Experience the Ruger Targis Hunter Max for yourself. Watch as it effortlessly delivers up to 800 fps from its hardwood and metal air stock with rubber inserts to keep you on target in any weather, while the 3-9x32mm adjustable objective air rifle scope helps you line up your shot. Take aim with this powerful pellet gun and watch nature be tamed before your eyes.
Includes a 5-chamber SilencAir function that will not only protect those around you by reducing noise pollution, but also preserve its zero throughout repeated shooting sessions–making it perfect for hunting game! With an ergonomic design great for climbing mountainsides all day, this Umarex exclusive product is guaranteed to always hit every intended target.

The hard-hitting Targis Hunter Max is the only air rifle you need for hunting and target shooting that’s up to 800 fps. This sleek fixed power scope includes an internal silencer that dampens even the loudest shots, so everyone at your hunting campsite can rest more peacefully as they catch a few hours of shut eye before sunrise. It features a gritty rubber grip on top of its ergonomic all-weather stock—a feature designed with shooters in any weather zone in mind. And don’t forget about its built-in sling studs matched with a padded buttstock and adjustable sling, or its 3x9x32 high quality optics sight that has clear images from dusk ’til dawn. You’ll feel confident mounting this Ruger air

Can a .22 air rifle kill a squirrel?

Yes, a .22 air rifle can definitely kill a squirrel. It needs to be powerful enough and the squirrels need to be close enough for the shot to make contact with them. if they’re too far away you might miss and not get an instant kill! A common type of ammunition is called “BB” which are small metal ball bearings that are propelled out of the barrel through compressed air. They can be quite lethal when fired from a high-powered .22 caliber rifle at close ranges (especially if it’s a headshot). Otherwise pellet gun is better rather than BB rifle.

Which is better caliber .177 or .22 air rifle for squirrel hunting?

.22 caliber air rifles are more powerful and can be used for hunting larger game such as deer, wild boar or even small bears. A .177 caliber rifle is less powerful than a .22. But it’s also cheaper to buy ammo for .177. So, if you want something cheap and effective to hunt smaller prey like squirrels then .177 would be the better option because of its lower cost per pellet.

How much fps does an air rifle need in order to kill a squirrel?

Though FPS is not a major fact to hunt squirrel. But some expert recommend 800 FPS for hunting squirrel. For pellet gun you can use any FPS more than 800.

What is the best caliber for squirrel hunting?

The best caliber for squirrel hunting is .22. It’s more powerful and can be used to hunt larger game like deer, wild boar or even small bears. A .177 caliber airgun isn’t as powerful.
Most of time , people choose .22 caliber air gun for squirrel hunting.

Some tips for hunting squirrel:

– Always use a scope and make sure it is sighted in for the distance you will be shooting from. This way, when you see your prey, all you need to do is pull the trigger!
– Never shoot any air rifle without first wearing safety glasses or protective eye wear.
– Never hunt at night with an air rifle unless under the supervision of someone who has experience hunting by flashlight or night vision scope. It’s possible that if squirrels are alarmed at night they may emit preorbital gland secretions which can cause temporary blindness in humans thanks to their powerful musk glands (smells like rotten cabbage). If this happens, don’t rub your eyes but wash them instead.
– keep your sound level low . It’s a smart idea to use ear protection when hunting.
– make sure the rifle is always pointed in a safe direction and never at any person or animal that you’re not intending to shoot.
– Practice shooting from different positions so you can hunt well while on your knees, standing up, sitting down or lying prone (i.e., on your stomach). This will give you more versatility as far as where you set up for squirrels with trees close by but too low for climbing purposes.
– Always keep safety paramount when hunting – it may be fun but nothing beats staying alive!
As house owner, squirrel hunting is a regular task. and most of time they do backyard shooting for hunting squirrel woods to save their firm they need to use a rifle that make lower noise. Gamo whisper is good choice for them, because it makes lower noise than any other rifle.

Nature of Squirrel:

Gray squirrels, also known as Tree squirrels, are a common and well-established species in regions all over the world. They are found in rural and urban areas, and can usually be spotted on trees.
– Gray squirrels live in all parts of the United States except for Alaska
– They have a preference to eat nuts, but they also enjoy eating other foods like seeds, insects, eggs, birds’ eggs or bird nestlings
– The southern area of the US is their most populous region
– Gray squirrels are known for high reproduction rates

Why you need to control squirrels or hunt Squirrels?

– They can destroy crops, gardens and buildings
– Squirrels are a nuisance to people who live in their vicinity
-They can harm the environment and spread diseases
– They can harm other animals, such as birds, by taking food from the ground. This is because they are not picky eaters; they will take whatever they can find to survive.
-Squirrels are wild animals and will attack when they feel threatened or their young is being threatened.
-Squirrels pose a major threat to your home, and with more of them in the area, the more chance you have that one will chew its way into your home.
-Inside a home, a squirrel will leave feces and urine everywhere, and present a hazard to anyone who corners it.
-If squirrels chew through electrical wires, they can cause power outages inside a home and also are known to start fires.
-There are a variety of ways that squirrels destroy your home, but one of the most common is chewing through pipes.
Squirrels carry parasites, like fleas and ticks, which can endanger both your pet and your home.

A hunting addicted person who love to explore the word and do hunting life long. I am sharing my knowledge about rifle hunting on this blog. I have 17 years experience on air rifle hunting and I really enjoy this job .

Albert Smith

A hunting addicted person who love to explore the word and do hunting life long. I am sharing my knowledge about rifle hunting on this blog. I have 17 years experience on air rifle hunting and I really enjoy this job .

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