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Best Cheaper ACOG Clones and Alternatives

Last Updated on July 5, 2022 by Albert Smith

Best Cheaper Trijicon ACOG Clones and Alternatives

What is ACOG Scope?

The Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight, also known as ACOG, is basically a combination of some prismatic telescopic lenses. These telescopic lenses are connected in a series combination which allows the user to zoom at 1.5x to 6x magnification level without sacrificing the quality of the image produced. The lenses used in ACOG scopes are of very high-quality which controls the amount of light refraction to create a clear image of the objective even in extreme weather and low-light conditions. This scope was initially designed to be used in M16 rifles along with M4 carbine. But, with rapid development in technology, these scopes have now become compatible with almost all types of rifles through using different types of modifications. The reticles used in this scope have a layer of a material named tritium phosphor which allows complete illumination of images at night and low-light conditions. There are some versions of this scope which can be used in day time too, with the help of a light pipe made out of fiber optic.

Who Manufactured ACOG Rifle Scope?

ACOG rifle scope was first designed and brought to the market by Trijicon. Based in Michigan, Trijicon is an American company which specializes in designing and manufacturing optical sights for various firearms. Using the illumination capability of tritium based material, this company creates scopes that work in little to no light conditions. Trijicon also produces scopes that can be used in day time through suing light gathering feature of fiber optics and battery induced LED strips. The company is most known for its contract with the US military. They supply night vision ACOG scopes for the military along with other smaller parts designed to add different types of modification to the existing ACOG scopes.

Review of ACOG alternative scopes

01) Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sight

At extreme situations when circumstances require obtaining targets in a split second and with the most extreme field of view, mount up the StrikeFire II and shoot to never miss your target. Filled with amazing features, flexible and solid geometry, the StrikeFire II is an incredible decision for shooters who need a quality red dot scope. Highlights smooth confronting controls for power on/off and simple change of ten different force levels, this scopes settings come with night vision enabled capabilities. Consequently getting back to the settings used last time, this scope is always ready for the next shot. The 30mm aluminum combination body gives extra-high force rating and is waterproof and fog proof. Strike quick and efficiently!

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Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sight - 4 MOA Red/Green Dot,Black
  • The Strikefire II Red/Green Dot is a rugged, reliable red dot sight that is at home in a variety of shooting applications. It allows the shooter to operate between two dot colors and ten brightness settings to easily adjust for changing conditions
  • Fully multi-coated lenses provide a clean and bright, unobscured point of view. Unlimited eye relief allows for rapid target acquisition. Max Elevation Adjustment- 100 MOA. Max Windage Adjustment- 100 MOA
  • The single-piece chasis is compact and lightweight but still delivers shockproof performance withstanding both recoil and impact. Nitrogen purging and o-ring seals ensure fogproof and waterproof performance
  • An offset cantilever mount is provided; allowing you to move the sight forward to be used in conjunction with a magnifier and backup iron sights all on the same rail
  • With aesthetics and functionality in mind, the power controls are at the rear of the Strikefire for easy access. The Strikefire II runs off a CR2 battery.

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Why Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sight scope is a good Alternative of ACOG scope

  • Multi-coated Lenses

This scope comes with multi-coated lenses to provide high-quality and crystal clear view of the objective. The unlimited focusing ability allows users to both rest their eyes between intense hunting sessions and providing perfect point of views. The elevation adjustment has a maximum setting of 100 MOA and the windage adjustment maximum value is 100 MOA.

  • Rigid & Lightweight

The StrikeFire II is created with a chasis consisting of a single piece design. This allows the scope to be more compact in nature. On top of that, the scope is very lightweight compared to other ACOG alternative scopes in the market. But don’t worry about recoil, despite being light in weight, this scope can withstand greater amount of recoil and impact force.

  • Room for More

The scope comes with options for adjustments for increasing the efficiency. It can be moved forward with the help of an offset cantilever beam provided along with the scope. This gives way for mounting a magnifier for greater field of view and backup iron sights.

  • Control Made Easy

With the power and control buttons mounted on the back, this scope provides easy access to the control menu while on the go. There are 10 different settings to choose from and all these can be selected with the press of a button while your target is locked. Having an aesthetic outlook, the functionalities of this scope are limitless.

02) CRUSHUNT Tactical 4X Prism Scope Real Fiber 4X32 Optic Scope

The CRUSHUNT Red Fiber Scope has spurred a decent interest in the market as it holds some complex and exceptionally helpful features. The scope provides a very good lens and conveys a clear field of view. The best thing is, it is all around intended to be utilized by both novices and expert trackers and shooters. The chevron reticle installed in the extension allows the user to point perfect and is useful in very low light conditions. The manufacturer has put a lot of work in this scope for it to be more stable and having zero recoil. The lens used in the scope permits the perfect amount of light access to create a clear image even at the most extreme conditions.

Why Tactical 4X Prism Scope Real Fiber 4X32 Optic Scope is a good Alternative of ACOG scope:

  • Modified Lenses

Starting with the lens of the scope, they are completely modified for extreme hunting. Covered with various layers, the lens can convey a sharp and clear picture of the objective. In addition to the lens, it even has great magnification power so you can see the objective in a heartbeat. The zooming handle is additionally not all that stiff and can be easily adjusted while on the go. The degree of rotation of the lenses allows a broader range view.

  • Focus in a Heartbeat

The reticle used in this scope is an all-rounder and can be utilized for focusing on the objective with more accuracy. The scope even accompanies a very good turret, the experts searching for this exact feature can receive its rewards. The windage and height are appropriately organized for ease of use and are truly reasonable for any type of usage.

  • Strong Interior & Exterior

The scope interior and exterior is by all accounts very rigid and is made through using the best material. Trackers can take this amazing scope even in intense climate conditions too as it can repel water and the lens used is additionally fog proof. In a nutshell, this scope will let you see a crystal clear picture in any situation.

  • Light in Weight

You can even effectively mount the scope onto your rifle as the scope comes with modified mounting design which will stay at its place once mounted. It is not difficult to set the scope on practically any rifle you can find. Not only that, this scope is very light in weight having zero recoil.

03) Monstrum P332 Raven 3X Prism Scope

The Monstrum P332 Raven 3X Prism Scope is another masterpiece ACOG alternative scope. Having a crisp and clear 3x magnification, this scope has too many features to count. The most promising feature of them all is the central optic system. This scope comes with a prismatic central optic system having high-quality lenses. This means crystal clear images with maximum accuracy. Our team recommends this scope as the best alternative of ACOG scope for trackers and hunters who need 3x magnification. Let’s look at the facts for choosing this scope!

Monstrum Raven Series Prism Scope | 3X | Black
  • The Monstrum Raven Series scopes are fixed magnification prism scope optics - offered in 1.5x and 3x magnification
  • Offers similar functionality to red dot sights for rapid short range target acquisition, but it uses a glass prism optical system with an illuminating circle dot reticle instead of the projected laser dots used in traditional red dot sights
  • Prism scope reticles are etched in glass, produce less distortion than red dots, and are easier for the eye to focus on, especially for shooters with astigmatism
  • Comes with an integrated 1.5 inch riser that mounts to any standard picatinny mounting platform
  • All Monstrum products are covered by Monstrum’s lifetime warranty

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Why Monstrum P332 Raven 3X Prism Scope is a good Alternative of ACOG scope

  • Modified Optic System

The Monstrum P332 has a central optic system with prism induced light refraction capability. This makes the lenses collect more light to create a better and wider image of the objective. The lenses are connected in series and the light refraction index is just perfect to make viewing far away objectives look more lively even in little to no light condition.

  • Glass Reticle

Scopes with both red and green reticles can produce a clearer image of the objective and this scope offers just that. Having a glass reticle etched with precision, this scope can produce high-quality images at any time of the day. This is possible because the illumination in this scope does not depend on the illumination created by external batteries like traditional scopes. Instead, it refracts the light from the source and works as a prism to create a picture of the objective.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Body

With so many features, you might think this scope is going to be too heavy for regular and long term usage. But, it actually is the total opposite of that. Having an aluminum composite body, this scope is both light in weight and strong in nature. The exterior and interior of the scope is created from the most rigid composite material which in terms make it impact proof.

  • Zero Recoil

Having an aluminum exterior body made out of a single machined cut, this scope comes with less parts that can move. This means there’s no recoil or misplacement while using the scope. You can keep using the scope continuously without even losing the focus or objective.

Why ACOG Optics perform so great?

ACOG scopes have been a must have for military services since its introduction back in 1987. Since then, the company has focused all its brilliant minds in modifying the existing designs and adding newer features. Now, ACOG scopes can be found with a variety of features and mods. What makes this scope so good? Let’s look at the top features that these scopes come with!

  • Usage of Tritium

Tritium is a sparkling gas which will shine brilliantly for around 12-15 years. After that it gleams about half as bright until it blurs. Trijicon will resupply the Tritium when it runs out at a cost. Remember that regardless of whether the tritium is totally gone, the fiber optic on top of the scope will in any case permit your ACOG to have a brilliantly lit reticle if there is a source of light present (sun or road lights). The tritium actually controls the reticle even at the end of its illumination period, when it becomes dim or faint.

  • Strength & Durability

ACOGs cost so much generally because of their superior quality and solidness. Their solid interior and exterior body, superb quality glass used in the lenses and outrageous strength to resist any type of impacts are what lifts the cost on ACOGs. Other comparable quality optics runs on a similar basic structure of ACOGs. There are a great deal of other more affordable scopes you can purchase, however, these are not completely comparable to the service these scopes will provide.

  • Easy Access to Modification

Some ACOG models come with basic ring iron sights as a reinforcement for focusing on objectives that are inside 50 m radius of the user. Most ACOG scopes, after being mounted to a rifle handle, have an open space through the mount to permit the utilization of the rifle’s iron sights without eliminating the scope. Others incorporate reflex sights produced by Trijicon mounted on top. The ACOG ECOS line highlights both of these optional locating optical solutions on a single rifle.

Why ACOG Alternative or Clone is needed

Regardless of whether you’re an accomplished shooter or a novice in the field, you need the best scope to help you in obtaining your objectives. With the ACOG scopes, you can improve your reach, speed, and precision. The Trijicon ACOG is probably the best scope you can get for strategic employments. They are, in single word, great. Having said that, most of us at first can’t help thinking about why a thirty or more year-old optical scope stays the norm against which we measure most other modern optical scopes. The most straightforward answer is it is that rich in performance. But as it is with quality products, they are undoubtedly on the costly side.

Most shooters won’t usually confront the sorts of conditions that a Trijicon ACOG can tackle. That’s why the target is to track down a more affordable optic that performs nearly good as an ACOG. The choice involves bargain and features fitted to individual shooter needs.

How Alternative ACOG perform compared to original

Tritium is a radioactive material that requires special treatment which most scope manufacturers can’t afford to incorporate. In any case, there are scopes available that are comparable in their development, plan, and activity to the Real ACOGs compact scopes. The performance of these clone scopes is as much comparable to the real one only if you can find the best products amidst hundreds of useless ones. Original ACOGs works best in any lighting conditions but the clones can perform that much good.

Light transmission and brightness level are good but not same as ACOG becuse these are budget scope. All these scopes contains lithium battery or other batteries and works great on bright environment. These compact scopes works like high-end scope ensure  powerful magnification at affordable prices.

A huge number of scope manufacturers have “ACOG Clones” in their product offerings. To make it easy for our readers, our team took a close look at many of these scopes and have picked some of the best ones according to their features. These cheaper rifle scopes compare to ACOGs,  has wide range of shooting range. You do not have to do frequent adjustment for hold zero or brightness adjustment. If you have lower budget option these clone scopes will be great for you. None of these are night vision compatible but have optical clarity and  durable construction.

The list isn’t fixated on a single one. Every one of these ACOG clone scopes has distinct features and capacities that make them a champion in the ACOG clone zone. Eventually, every shooter should track down the optic that best fills their necessities and assumptions. So try to go through the scopes individually and find the one that suits your needs.

A hunting addicted person who love to explore the word and do hunting life long. I am sharing my knowledge about rifle hunting on this blog. I have 17 years experience on air rifle hunting and I really enjoy this job .

Albert Smith

A hunting addicted person who love to explore the word and do hunting life long. I am sharing my knowledge about rifle hunting on this blog. I have 17 years experience on air rifle hunting and I really enjoy this job .

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